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Kayleigh Cole

Luck Struck Tattoo

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Kayleigh is a London based tattoo artist specialising in traditional old school, black & grey and linework tattooing. Custom design ideas are always welcome and a vast array of existing flash pieces are also available to choose from.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Elegantly detailed fine line strawberry tattoo on upper arm, by talented artist Kayleigh Cole.Get an intricately detailed scorpion tattoo on your shoulder by Kayleigh Cole for a stunning and realistic design.Get a badass traditional blackwork tattoo of a cowboy skull on your upper arm by Kayleigh Cole. Yeehaw!Elegant fine line flower design by Kayleigh Cole, perfect for upper arm placement.Ignorant style tattoo by Kayleigh Cole featuring hearts and matches, perfect for the shin area.Unique traditional tattoo design featuring a striking snake and arrow motif by artist Kayleigh Cole.A striking traditional tattoo of a gorilla entwined with thorns, beautifully executed by Kayleigh Cole on the upper arm.Get a stunning fine line heart tattoo on your upper arm by Kayleigh Cole, perfect for a subtle and elegant look.Stunning traditional tattoo by Kayleigh Cole featuring a beautiful bird and flower motif on the upper leg.Get a beautiful and intricate fine line name tattoo on your upper arm by Kayleigh Cole. Perfect for a subtle and personalized touch.Bold and fierce panther tattoo with intricate barbwire details on lower leg by Kayleigh Cole.A traditional tattoo featuring a hauntingly beautiful woman wearing a mysterious mask, expertly executed by artist Kayleigh Cole.
Elegant and intricate upper arm tattoo featuring a delicate heart and a mesmerizing eye, expertly done by tattoo artist Kayleigh Cole.Small lettering skull, key, and quote tattoo on shin by Kayleigh Cole, reflecting a rebellious and fearless attitude.Get a stylish black and gray tattoo of a realistic orange on your upper arm by tattoo artist Kayleigh Cole. Perfect for fruit lovers!Beautiful fine line flower tattoo on lower leg by Kayleigh Cole.A small, ignorant style tattoo on the shin featuring a heart and letter by Kayleigh Cole.Get inked with this stylish black and gray beanie cap design by Kayleigh Cole on your upper arm. Ignorant style for a bold statement.Get a stunning black and gray rope design on your upper arm by the talented artist Kayleigh Cole.Get motivated with this small lettering tattoo on your arm by Kayleigh Cole. Let the words inspire you every day!Sleek and detailed orange fruit tattoo on upper arm, expertly crafted by Kayleigh Cole.Unique forearm tattoo featuring a skull and cherry motif, created by artist Kayleigh Cole in the ignorant style.Ignorant style spider tattoo on upper leg by Kayleigh Cole, perfect for a bold and edgy look.Get a timeless touch with this stunning 1997 lettering tattoo by the talented artist Kayleigh Cole. Perfect for commemorating a special year.
KCKayleigh Cole
Kayleigh Cole