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KLKeith List

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workn at ink for 13 years now as my passion and main profession, freelance atm tho but I'm also a jack of all trades on more than a few levels lol I'm in general curious about life and love art n many forms on loads of levels..


Black & Gray
Dark Art
New School
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valued lessons from hard timesmy wasp...a shoutout to my dad n his rocker sportn biker past/buddies...the old schools will no it's meaning ;)reminder of home shoutout to loved ones"a predator has a tendency to stalk it's pray.." -mushroomheadI named him ozzy..hes 4 yrs old :)damage done but I'm still standing lolthis piece was done by "Buddy" Whicker, at Its Just a Flesh Wound, the last shop I worked atart from a bic lighter I free handed wit slight additions/mods done on a bored rainy day a small change to an old sketch I'd had laying around...she was very happy wit our result
technically the first piercing on my body lol #sarcasm4lifelolsome pain u can control n maybe even enjoy ;);rly liking my oven burn I caught there too lolthe search for stabilty, something for protection, and my old friend chaos one of many I need finished or fixed..maybe I'll get around to it soon lolshoutout to coheed and cambria 🤘🤘🤘sieze the dirty rotten snake loldone 8 yrs ago on my now soon to b wife :)a birthday present to a former friend once upon the span o time..
KLKeith List
Keith List