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Kelly Needles

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Meet Kelly, a talented handpoke tattooer based in Leeds. Specializing in intricate designs inspired by nature, Kelly's portfolio includes floral patterns, leafy motifs, animals, and more. Known for her expertise in ear tattoos, Kelly enjoys the artistic process of drawing pieces directly on your skin to ensure the perfect fit. Her preferred techniques involve using black ink and dotwork to add depth and softness to her creations.


Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

PigeonsFreehand flowerFlowersEar leaf Little swallow Special handwriting Trout Drawn on coloured flowers Flash dinosaur Flash lobster Penguin Drawn on fern
Freehand leaves Ear leavesMothDrawn on leaves Cute dog Trout Ear decorSpring seedFlash shellLadybug Lemon and leaves Leaves
KNKelly Needles
Kelly Needles