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KDKenn Dietz

Kenn Dietz

4Forty4 Tattoo



Tattoo artist of 21yrs. currently working at 444 on 6th St in Tucson, Az. 85730. I charge $300 for 4hrs. and $500 for 8hrs. $50 deposit on all art work and appointments.



Black & Gray
Dark Art
About the Artist

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Artwork I created all up for grabs 4-8 hrs depending on size. $300-$500Artwork I created up for grabs 8hrs. $500Older portfolio tattoo images .......Captian America elbow jammer took 2hrs. Charged $150Indian girl wolf headdress took 8hrs. Charged $500See life full color took 8hrs. Charged $500Long island light house full color took 8hrs. Charged $500Evil goodness black and grey took 3 hrs charged $250
Up for grabs!!!!!!!!Artwork I created 8hrs. $500Color and black and grey tattoos I created both 8hrs. $500Snow-white trust black and grey color neon took 8hrs. Charged $500Indian girl wolf headdress took 8hrs. Charged $500Custom piece black and grey took 5hrs. Charged $300De los meurtos full color took 4hrs. Charged $250 special.......Hand job! Black and grey took 3hrs. Charged $250
KDKenn Dietz
Kenn Dietz