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Ker Kusterbeck


Next month


Based in the north of Scotland Ker have been tattooing for +15 years and he specialises in blackwork with a dark twist with his organic shapes and horror looking pieces



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Traditional blackwork tattoo featuring a skull, dagger, and ghoul motif by Ker Kusterbeck. Bold and detailed design.Unique blackwork tattoo featuring a horror hand motif, expertly done by Ker Kusterbeck. Small lettering and illustrative style.Explore the dark beauty of this blackwork and fine line spider tattoo, created with precision by the talented artist Ker Kusterbeck.Embrace the horror with this fine line blackwork goat tattoo, featuring a devilish motif and pentagram by Ker Kusterbeck.Get a bold and eerie blackwork tattoo of a joker skull surrounded by haunting motifs like cards and ghouls, by artist Ker Kusterbeck.Get a bold and striking tribal tattoo featuring a skull and dagger, expertly done by renowned artist Ker Kusterbeck.Get double the horror with this blackwork skull tattoo by Ker Kusterbeck, featuring a sinister monster design with a hidden meaning.Get captivated by the spooky allure of this black and gray horror-themed eye tattoo, brought to life by the talented artist Ker Kusterbeck.Black and gray horror tattoo featuring a haunting eye by Ker Kusterbeck. Unique and eerie design.Experience the horror with this chilling blackwork tattoo featuring a demonic creature's eye. Expertly done by Ker Kusterbeck.Get inked with a chilling blackwork eye tattoo by renowned artist Ker Kusterbeck. This unique dotwork design is sure to turn heads.
Dive into the horror with this stunning blackwork illustration of a monstrous creature, expertly crafted by the talented artist Ker Kusterbeck.Experience the power and beauty of this illustrative dragon tattoo by Ker Kusterbeck. A bold statement piece for tattoo enthusiasts.This blackwork and dotwork skull tattoo by Ker Kusterbeck features a detailed and illustrative design, perfect for horror enthusiasts.Bold blackwork tattoo featuring a skull and grim reaper design by artist Ker Kusterbeck.Get inked with this spooky blackwork skull by Ker Kusterbeck. Perfect for horror lovers and traditional tattoo enthusiasts.Unique blackwork and dotwork tattoo featuring a giraffe and skull motif, created by talented artist Ker Kusterbeck.Unique blackwork and dotwork style tattoo featuring a skull with a striking eye design, created by renowned artist Ker Kusterbeck.Embrace darkness with this blackwork skull tattoo by artist Ker Kusterbeck. An illustrative piece inspired by horror.Get a chilling and detailed blackwork skull tattoo by the talented artist Ker Kusterbeck. Perfect for those who love horror and devilish designs.Embrace your dark side with this stunning blackwork and dotwork tattoo by Ker Kusterbeck. Featuring a powerful succubus motif that embodies the essence of strength and beauty.Embrace the enchanting power of this illustrative dotwork tattoo by the talented artist Ker Kusterbeck, featuring a mystical witch surrounded by a blazing bonfire.
KKKer Kusterbeck
Ker Kusterbeck