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Farhaad Khan

MY Ink Tattoo Studio

Next week


Khan is a tattoo artist that specializes in comic/anime style whilst still being versatile in a variety of other styles. He had strong connections to art and drawing since childhood and quickly fell in love with the art form when he got his first tattoo. He’s also the best foosball player in the shop.



Hour rate:120 CAD
About the Artist

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A bold blackwork tattoo of Jason Voorhees wielding a knife and wearing his iconic mask, done by the talented artist Farhaad Khan.Get a bold and detailed illustrative Naruto tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Farhaad Khan. Embrace your inner ninja!Express your love for Naruto with this bold blackwork forearm tattoo by talented artist Farhaad Khan.Blackwork tattoo on upper arm by Farhaad Khan depicting a woman smoking a cigarette in a detailed illustrative style.Experience the power of the Hannya mask with this striking Japanese design by Farhaad Khan on your hand.
This stunning blackwork tattoo of a duck bird on the upper back is expertly done by Farhaad Khan.Fine line tattoo of a spooky monster peeking out from under a hat, beautifully executed by Farhaad Khan on the arm.Fine line tattoo of a woman and man on forearm, beautifully illustrated by talented artist Farhaad Khan.A bold blackwork tattoo featuring a man wearing a hat, inspired by Luffy's iconic style, by tattoo artist Farhaad Khan.Intricate blackwork tattoo on forearm by Farhaad Khan, featuring a heart, brain, and yin & yang symbol in fine-line illustrative style.
FKFarhaad Khan
Farhaad Khan