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Kike Krebs

Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos

Next month


Dark artist working at London's Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos. Specializing in blackwork. I enjoy doing all kind of dark creatures, fantasy and horror themed pieces. Don't hesitate to contact me for any type of questions.


Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Unique black and gray tattoo of a no face monster character on the lower leg by Kike Krebs.A stunning neo-traditional tattoo by artist Kike Krebs featuring a mysterious woman intertwined with mushrooms on the upper arm.Unique blackwork design by Kike Krebs, featuring a detailed bat hanging on your lower leg.Intricate black and gray skull design for a bold and edgy lower leg tattoo by talented artist Kike Krebs.Get a bold and striking blackwork bat tattoo on your arm from the talented artist Kike Krebs. Perfect for fans of dark and edgy designs.Experience the fierce beauty of a black and gray Hannya mask with horns, expertly inked by Kike Krebs.Impressive black and gray upper arm tattoo featuring a goat surrounded by intricate dotwork spikes. By Kike Krebs.Express your unique style with an anime-inspired blackwork sleeve tattoo featuring intricate patterns and a mysterious mask motif by renowned artist Kike Krebs.Check out this intricate blackwork centipede design by Kike Krebs, beautifully placed on the upper leg.Kike Krebs created a stunning black and gray alien teeth tattoo on the back, blending mystery and beauty.Experience the beauty of Kike Krebs' detailed blackwork moth design, a stunning addition to your body art collection.Experience ancient Egypt with this blackwork tattoo featuring Anubis, Horus, and the ankh symbol. Expertly done by Kike Krebs.
Intricate blackwork lettering tattoo on shin by Kike Krebs, featuring a powerful quote.Bold dotwork chainsaw design paired with powerful quote, expertly detailed by Kike Krebs on lower leg.Experience the intricate beauty of this black and gray dotwork cat tattoo by renowned artist Kike Krebs.Unique black and gray upper arm tattoo with intricate lettering by Kike Krebs, featuring a skull and death motif inspired by tarot imagery.Impressive black and gray dragon tattoo on upper leg, created by Kike Krebs. Intricate details and fierce design.Unique black and gray design by Kike Krebs featuring intricate patterns and captivating wings.Bold blackwork design combining butterfly, moth, and skull motifs by Kike Krebs, creating a striking and eye-catching chest piece.Get a striking black and gray tattoo of a spider, beetle, and spikes by artist Kike Krebs. Perfect for those who love a touch of the eerie and mysterious.Intricate black and gray knight helmet design on upper arm by Kike Krebs. A bold and timeless piece for any warrior at heart.Blackwork tattoo by Kike Krebs featuring a Japanese sword and fierce Hannya mask motif on the forearm.Express yourself with Kike Krebs' blackwork lettering on your finger with a powerful quote. Make a bold statement in style.Bold blackwork tattoo featuring a fierce wyvern dragon, by renowned artist Kike Krebs. Captivating and intricate design.
KKKike Krebs
Kike Krebs