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Nastya has been tattooing for 8 years now, and has been drawing all her life. She enjoys big projects and works with a lot of details. Her main tools - lines and dots.


Min. rate:400 EUR
About the Artist

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Get a striking blackwork tattoo of devil and hannya masks intertwined with intricate patterns and mandalas on your chest by talented artist Nastya.Enjoy a mesmerizing blackwork and dotwork pattern sleeve tattoo by Nastya, featuring ornamental and illustrative elements.Immerse in the traditional Japanese art with Nastya's intricate blackwork design featuring hannya mask, flowers, horns, and delicate filigree.A stunning blend of blackwork, geometric, and illustrative styles with snake, mandala, and woman motifs swirling together on your sleeve. Crowned with a spear for strength and beauty.Embrace the beauty of nature with a whimsical design featuring a frog, fish, and fruit on your upper arm. Created by the talented artist Nastya.A stunning illustrative design featuring a bird, eye, and hand, by the talented artist Nastya.An anchor and compass design with intricate patterns and a meaningful quote, expertly done by Nastya on your forearm.Get lost in the enchanting beauty of this blackwork moon and planet illustration on your forearm. By artist Nastya.Exquisite back tattoo by artist Nastya featuring a beautiful blend of flowers and patterns in a vibrant watercolor style.Elegant fine line mandala tattoo with intricate patterns, expertly done by Nastya.Unique blackwork tattoo featuring a beautiful tree design, created by tattoo artist Nastya.Elegant and intricate filigree design in blackwork style, beautifully crafted on the upper arm by talented artist Nastya.
Beautiful blackwork koi fish tattoo on the upper leg, expertly done by Nastya.Elegant blackwork and dotwork design by Nastya featuring intricate patterns and mandala motif on the chest.Elegant blackwork design of a flower on the upper arm, expertly executed by tattoo artist Nastya.Bold blackwork mandala with ornamental and illustrative elements, by Nastya, perfectly placed on the elbow.Impressive blackwork design featuring a viking warrior with a spear, adorned with a raven and horns. By artist Nastya.Experience the artistry of Nastya with this bold blackwork tattoo showcasing a skull, samurai, and sword on your upper arm.Get mesmerized by Nastya's illustrative dragon design, perfectly inked in bold blackwork style on your upper arm.Unique blackwork tattoo combining snake, flower, and man motifs by Nastya.Fine line illustrative upper arm tattoo by Nastya, featuring a detailed octopus design surrounded by intricate patterns.Transform your upper leg into a stunning masterpiece with this blackwork and illustrative jellyfish design by Nastya.Bold illustrative design by artist Nastya, perfect for a subtle yet striking rib tattoo.This bold upper arm tattoo features a dog, snake, skull, pattern, mandala, skeleton, and Anubis in a captivating illustrative style. By talented artist Nastya.