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KRKris Roberts

Kris Roberts

Serpent & the Rainbow Tattoo

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I started tattooing in Hot Springs, AR in 1999. I moved to Texas in 2001 to work until 2010 when I left to work at Hot Stuff Tattoo in Asheville, NC. Now I’m partners with 3 amazing artist at Serpent & the Rainbow Tattoo in Asheville as well. I do a little bit of everything but am mostly known for my neo-traditional and Japanese work. I also do poly inspired tribal and western traditional.



Old School (Traditional)
Japanese (Irezumi)
About the Artist

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From greek mythology the Graeae witches. Tiki glass mermaid on thighClients fun idea! Inner bicep Healed wolf and chain, freah roses and snakes
Reworked chest and upper arm. Freehand rest to match. Started over 2 years ago and recently finishedSnake and peony on thigh. Stylized Puppy portrait on the calf.
Done in 3 sessions in 5 weeks. Solid black is healed, shading freshTop armpit about 2 years healed, bottom fresh. Each one took about an hourPeony shoulder capKyosai frogs continued...more to come
Blast over on inner bicep. The stretch marks are a little angry, but will settle down. Ship on forearmPentagram was preexisting. Will be adding background to truly tie it all together soon. Kyosai frog on thigh. Background to come
KRKris Roberts
Kris Roberts