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LBLainey Bee

Lainey Bee




Hi there I'm Lainey Bee. I am an traveling artist and studio owner of Custom Cult (Nijmegen) the Netherlands. I specialize in color realism with a painterly twist. Still life & nature are my inspiration. If you want to book in or contact me please fill out the form on my website



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orchids, jungle, butterfly, blue morpho, flesheating plantsflowers, lavender, tullip, rose, annemone, wisteriahummingbird fairytail tattoo with mushrooms, fairy and brushstrokesgrapelady, portrait, honeycombe, grapes, brushstrokeselephant jungleforest tattoo, ferns, mushrooms, brushstrokesStill life lemon candles and grapeswineglass and grapessquirrel, mushroomsSquirrel and mushrooms
mermaid, upsidedown, brushstrokescat, pet, brushstrokes, flowers, rose, berriescat, pet, galaxy, brushstrokeseyes, peonies, brushstrokeskoi fish with signature brushstrokeskoi fish, lotus, lilly, brushstrokesbengal cat tattoowhiskey bottleReally Rad Red Roses ;)fox family
LBLainey Bee
Lainey Bee