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Lana Fern

Love More Tattoo

Next month


Vegan artist specialising in fineline work - florals, ornamentals & some microrealism. Currently located in Brighton.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Ornamental chest pieceFloral hip piece with peonies and sweet pea flowers Recreation of a John William Waterhouse painting titled Soul of The RoseOrnamental sternum Starry Night recreation with freehand sunflowersOrnamental wrist pieceWrapping vine Wrapping vine Full wrapping floral thigh bandFineline roseBirth of Venus recreationCustom ornamental backpiece
Floral hip pieceFineline microrealism cherubFull floral hipBird and florals Wrapping vine Part of a full leg sleeve, fineline peonies and abstract flow linesOrnamental backpiece Closeup of an ornamental mandala, part of a floral & ornamental half sleeveDelicate lilies on the sternumOrnamental chest and throat piece Full leg concept with peonies and abstract flow linesCollarbone leaves, one half of a symmetrical design
LFLana Fern
Lana Fern