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Lawrence Canham

Heart of gold

Next month


Manchester based tattoo artists specialising in multiple styles including blackwork, neo traditional, traditional, black and grey etc I have 13 years experience in tattooing and still love it as much as I did when I started if not more! Let’s make some cool tattoos!



Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Roar with style! Show off this fierce neo traditional tiger tattoo by Lawrence Canham.Get some luck on your side with this neo-traditional rabbit's foot tattoo by Lawrence Canham. A symbol of good fortune and protection.This illustrative floral tattoo features a stunning peony flower, expertly executed by tattoo artist Lawrence Canham.Discover the lush beauty of Lawrence Canham's dotwork masterpiece featuring a vibrant pomegranate branch in neo-traditional style.Transformative blastover tattoo featuring marble elements, expertly executed by Lawrence Canham.Experience Lawrence Canham's unique blend of black and gray dotwork with traditional and neo-traditional styles in this stunning eye and flower design.Vibrant neo-traditional tattoo of a peacock surrounded by traditional flowers, expertly done by Lawrence Canham.An illustrative blackwork tattoo of a ladybird on a heart by artist Lawrence Canham.Get a bold and classic traditional snake tattoo by the talented artist Lawrence Canham, featuring intricate line work and vibrant colors.A stunning black and gray tattoo of a delicate flower, expertly done by Lawrence Canham. Perfect for lovers of intricate floral designs.Experience the beauty of Greek mythology with this black and gray tattoo by Lawrence Canham. Athena's wisdom and strength in dotwork style.Stunning black and gray tattoo by Lawrence Canham featuring a delicate moth and intricate floral design.
Beautiful neo-traditional tattoo by Lawrence Canham featuring an octopus, pearl, and seashell motif.Intricate black and gray dotwork by Lawrence Canham, featuring a unique blend of a goat, skull, and ram motif.Traditional meets modern with Lawrence Canham's stunning dotwork design featuring a beautiful butterfly and intricate floral elements.Unique dotwork tattoo by Lawrence Canham, featuring a rune design with scratch details and pentagram accents.Capture the strength and beauty of the majestic rhinoceros with this stunning black and gray tattoo by the talented artist Lawrence Canham.Vibrant sun and mystical scarab beetle design with smoky touch up by Lawrence Canham. Explore the ancient symbolism through neo-traditional art.Get a stunning floral tattoo with this neo-traditional rose design by the talented artist Lawrence Canham.Traditional blackwork design combining symbols in a unique patchwork style by renowned artist Lawrence Canham.Embrace the timeless beauty of a juicy strawberry with this neo-traditional tattoo by the talented artist Lawrence Canham.A stunning neo-traditional tattoo featuring a snake and flower motif, expertly done by Lawrence Canham.Explore the enchanting world of mushrooms with this unique black & gray dotwork design by Lawrence Canham.Stunning black and gray design by Lawrence Canham featuring a detailed moth and skull motif. A perfect blend of dark and delicate elements.
LCLawrence Canham
Lawrence Canham