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Leo Abdul

Tattoo Artist Abdul

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I started tattooing in 2014, at home. I have never worked in a tattoo studio, nore have I done any apprenticeship. I learned on my own through trial and error, watching youtube tutorials, watching live sessions of other artists, but I have done a lot o reasearch on what tattooing is and how it must be done. I made my top priority to work in a clean and healty environement. All my shit is clean, sterile and single use. In Romania we have a proverb : "A craft isn't learned. It is stolen." Right now I am working in a rented apartment that I've turned it into a tattoo studio and taking appointments as a private tattoo artist. I'm working on saving enough money to open a tattoo studio in the near future. Hope you like my tattoos and don't hesitate to message me or call me for an appointment. My phone number is 0040 756826907 Peace!



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
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Lion king tattoo. Angel tattoo. Astronaut tattoo. Lion king tattoo. Ange eye clock tattoo.Barn swallow tattoo. #bartattoo Spartan helmet tattoo. Work i progress. Koi fish&lotus flower.Open condom tattoo. #condom #durex #protection #colourtattoo Banksy tribute tattoo. #banksy #banksyart #stenciltattoo
London tattoo. Darth malgus tattoo. Child tattoo.Yorkshire puppy tattoo.Trash polka custom portaitFatherhood tattoo. Jaguar&butterflies tattoo. Brother & sister tattoo. Cover up tattoo. First session.
LALeo Abdul
Leo Abdul