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LCLeo Canosa

Leo Canosa

La Marca Body Art Studio



Leo Canosa Leo has been tattooing since1995 in his natal Havana, Cuba. He has been creating art as far back as he can remember, it is his biggest passion in life and he is extremely dedicated to consistently improving upon his skills. Leo specially enjoys collaborating with his clients to design creative and long lasting custom tattoos. He is attracted to most art and tattoo styles and is versatile enough to take on most of them. Leo is particularly inspired by larger projects involving flowing compositions with an illustrative approach. Leo has learned with a lot of tattoo artists from all over the world, but he gets his major experience with John Van't Hullenaar, The Dutchman, his most influential artist. In January 2015 he opened his own studio La Marca, first professional tattoo shop in Cuba, located in the historic district of Old Havana.



Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
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Black and grey Lion with crownBlack and grey Odin tattoo Colorfull Japanese koi fish add on this sleeveColourful tattoo reproduction of the art of Harumi HironakaNew traditional girl with shark head hatGreat phillippine eagle with sun phillippine crestTexas map & pocketclockGunThe reaperDragon cover-upAngelCrystal ball dog
Black and grey Cover-Up werewolf tattooBlack and grey coffee plant mix with Irish butterfly, the cuban national flowerCover-Up tiger tattooFreehand Octopus hand tattooNew school girl with shark head hatSaint Valentin with skullCanadian native orc whale designFixed deerEagleCuban styleRoman soldier and coliseumGirl and lion
LCLeo Canosa
Leo Canosa