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Liam Collins

Devils Detail Tattoo

Next week


Hello! I'm Liam, based in two London studios - Devils Detail Tattoo & Sixty Ink. I work Wednesday - Saturday from 11am. I love incorporating music, film, TV & Pop Culture into classic tattoo imagery, using my illustrative blackwork style. I also enjoy fineline or bold, vibrant colour tattoos too!



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Vibrant ignorant style forearm tattoo by artist Liam Collins inspired by the iconic Gorillaz album coverCapture the beauty of nature and your love for coffee with this stunning botanical tattoo by Liam Collins.Experience the power of a mythical Japanese dragon with this intricately designed hip tattoo by the talented artist Liam Collins.Get a unique anime-style Charmander tattoo with intricate dotwork shading, crafted by the talented artist Liam Collins.Small lettering and illustrative tattoo by Liam Collins featuring BDSM, camping, and flashlight motifs.Liam Collins expertly blends Japanese and neo-traditional styles to create a stunning tattoo featuring a vibrant koi fish swimming among delicate lotus flowers.Unique dotwork tattoo by Liam Collins featuring intricate plant and algae motifs in an abstract style.Elegant and fierce red ink Japanese dragon tattoo on the upper back done by artist Liam Collins. Perfect for those seeking a bold statement piece.Clean and elegant small lettering tattoo on the lower arm designed by the talented artist Liam Collins.Beautiful blackberry and plant design by talented artist Liam Collins.Stunning illustrative tattoo of a jellyfish created by talented artist Liam Collins.Beautifully intricate dotwork design of a conch shell by talented artist Liam Collins
Check out this black and gray upper arm tattoo of Homer Simpson by Liam Collins. A fun and quirky addition to your ink collection!Experience a striking 3D effect with this fine line and illustrative tattoo design by Liam Collins, featuring dual color lightning bolt in blue and red.Vibrant new school upper back tattoo featuring the beloved characters Lilo and Stitch, created by artist Liam Collins.Get mesmerized by Liam Collins' intricate dotwork moth design, a striking addition to your tattoo collection.Experience the beauty of Liam Collins' detailed ornamental tattoo design, adorning the side of your face with a stunning pattern.Express yourself with a minimalist small lettering tattoo by artist Liam Collins on your forearm.Adorn your skin with a stunning illustrative floral bouquet tattoo by the talented artist Liam Collins.Roar with confidence with this stunning illustrative tiger tattoo by tattoo artist Liam Collins. Perfect for those who embody strength and power.Adorn your arm with a stunning floral design crafted by tattoo artist Liam Collins. Embrace the beauty of nature with this elegant piece.Explore the bold patterns and detailed designs of Liam Collins' tribal sleeve tattoo. A stunning display of precision and artistry.Illustrative tattoo combining a delicate flower with a sharp sword, by Liam Collins.Experience the beauty of dotwork illustration in this intricate piece by artist Liam Collins. A stunning lighthouse scene with a dedicated fisherman.
LCLiam Collins
Liam Collins