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Iron & Ink

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Capture the essence of art with this striking realism and illustrative style tattoo by the talented artist Lim.A bold blackwork spider tattoo on the forearm, created by Lim with intricate illustrative details.Blackwork sword tattoo on forearm, created by Lim. Unique design with bold lines and intricate details.Beautiful forearm tattoo featuring a flower, skull, and woman in fine line style by the talented artist Lim.Vibrant new school tattoo on forearm features a cute girl with bubble gum and candy motifs, done by artist LimGet bitten by Lim's blackwork fine line mosquito tattoo that stands out on your forearm. Embrace the detailed illustrative style.A stunning black-and-gray tattoo on the upper arm featuring a realistic camera and inspiring photography quote by Lim.Get lost in Lim's illustrative surrealism with a stunning flower motif tattoo on your upper arm.Adorn your sternum with a stunning blackwork mandala tattoo by Lim, featuring intricate dotwork and ornamental details.Get inked with a fierce blackwork tiger design by artist Lim. Bold and captivating, this tattoo is sure to make a statement.Intricate blackwork tattoo on forearm by Lim featuring a star, name, and number in illustrative lettering.An intricately designed blackwork tattoo with a mountain motif and inspiring quote, expertly inked by Lim on the ankle.
Get a stunning illustrative tattoo of a lighter by Lim on your upper arm. Perfect for those who appreciate realism in their ink.Get a bold blackwork helmet tattoo on your upper arm, created by Lim's skilled hand. Unique and detailed design that stands out.Adorn your forearm with Lim's breathtaking blackwork and dotwork lighthouse design, a beacon of strength and hope.Elegant fine line illustration by Lim featuring a rat with wings, beautifully designed for your arm.A striking blackwork tattoo on the ankle featuring an illustrative design of a woman entwined with a monster, expertly done by artist Lim.Unique blackwork design combining Mickey Mouse, bottle, and quote on arm by tattoo artist Lim. Perfect blend of lettering and illustrative style.Unique blackwork design with lettering and illustrative elements by Lim, featuring a snake, skull, quote, and switch motif.Intricate blackwork design featuring a quote, year, and Roman numerals in fine line and small lettering style. Perfect for the forearm.Artist Lim creates a stunning illustrative butterfly tattoo on the forearm, showcasing intricate details and vibrant colors.Get a striking blackwork tattoo of a beautiful leaf design on your forearm by the talented artist Lim.Raise a glass to Lim's impeccable neo-traditional style, featuring a stunning champagne glass motif on the upper arm.Bold blackwork and illustrative design featuring a menacing skull with devil horns, expertly done by Lim on the forearm.