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Annelise aka The Dotty Tattooist

Ink Perfections Tattoo Lounge

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I work in black & grey, and have a total penchant for flora & fauna- or any kind of mythological badass... I'm also branching out into miniature single needle tattoos, so watch this space! What drew me to dot-work out of any other method of tattooing, was its spiritual roots and history. It's a very primitive form of tattooing that has been around for thousands of years, which is way many examples you'll see of this style is heavily focused around symbolic and geometric images. Dot-work tattooing requires a lot of patience and precision- which is perfect for me, as I'm very detail orientated! Visit my site: Or my IG: @lisieandthelion


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Hand and flowers on the upper arm, made entirely from dots! Cute, little dot-work leaf on the lower leg. Sailor Jerry dot-work skull on the lower forearm. Arrow on back of arm, constructed entirely from dots! Moth and Mandala dot-work piece on the forearm.
Ram skull on the upper thigh- healed photo 3 years on! Fun little dot-work voodoo doll on the forearm- can't wait to add his candle! Mad skull chef concept taken from a t-shirt! Made entirely from dots!  Sunflower on the lower leg with filigree leaves. Spider Murphy inspired rib piece, constructed entirely from dots!
AaAnnelise aka The Dotty Tattooist
Annelise aka The Dotty Tattooist