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Liza Vettaa

Flame Wise Ink | Toronto Tattoo Studio

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With years of experience in tattooing all kinds of styles and her whimsical sense of humor, Liza can make any design look stunning, often hand-painting her designs first.


About the Artist

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Vibrant and detailed upper arm tattoo featuring a geisha and a girl surrounded by beautiful flowers, done by artist Liza Vettaa.Unique neo traditional forearm tattoo by Liza Vettaa featuring a majestic whale swimming around a planet in illustrative style.Get inked with a fierce eagle design on your upper arm by the talented artist Liza Vettaa. Embrace the power and symbolism of this striking blackwork tattoo.Blackwork upper arm tattoo featuring a beautiful illustrative flower design by the talented artist Liza Vettaa.Capture the spirit of the wild west with this forearm tattoo featuring mountains, a horse, cactus, man, and hat in bold blackwork style by Liza Vettaa.Get a stunning traditional tattoo on your upper arm featuring a beautiful flower and lucky horseshoe by artist Liza Vettaa.Get inked with a unique lower leg tattoo featuring a heart, music notes, guitar, and ghost in illustrative style by Liza Vettaa.Capture the power of a samurai warrior with this bold forearm tattoo featuring a traditional sword and swirling waves, by artist Liza Vettaa.Beautiful traditional chest tattoo by Liza Vettaa featuring a striking design of a moth, flower, eye, and thorns.Beautiful traditional sleeve tattoo featuring flowers, hearts, angels, and women, expertly done by tattoo artist Liza Vettaa.Unique blackwork design by Liza Vettaa. Showcase your love for owls with this intricate rib tattoo.Capture the beauty of nature with a stunning illustrative flower tattoo on your ribs by Liza Vettaa.
Adorn your forearm with a stunning blackwork mandala design by the talented artist Liza Vettaa. Combining fine line details and ornamental elements, this tattoo is sure to make a statement.Get inked with a stylish neo-traditional cat and flower design on your ankle by the talented artist Liza Vettaa.Get a striking blackwork tattoo of a moon and wolf on your lower leg by the talented artist Liza Vettaa. Embrace the mysterious beauty of this illustrative design.Captivating forearm tattoo by Liza Vettaa, featuring a stunning sea scene with sun and waves.Get exquisite illustrative bird tattoo by Liza Vettaa on your shoulder. Embrace the beauty and grace of a hummingbird with fine line style.Liza Vettaa's blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a captivating eye and hand design, perfect for a bold and illustrative look.Stunning illustrative design by Liza Vettaa, featuring a vibrant cherry blossom and graceful crane on upper arm.Beautiful blackwork forearm tattoo by Liza Vettaa, combining intricate flower and pattern elements in illustrative style.Illustrative design by artist Liza Vettaa, combining a flower and heart motif for a unique ankle tattoo.Liza Vettaa's illustrative traditional tattoo on lower leg featuring a sun, mountains, tree, flower, road, quote, and motorcycle.Illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a beautiful combination of a horse, unicorn, and heart by talented artist Liza Vettaa.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo featuring a flower, ouija board, and eye on your lower leg by the talented artist Liza Vettaa.
LVLiza Vettaa
Liza Vettaa