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RARich Ainsworth

Rich Ainsworth

Lodestone tattoo

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Black & Gray
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Owl, skull, candy skull, arm tattoo, diamond, black and greyFine line, mandala, black and grey, fine line, tall ship, boat, ship, sails, maritime, arm tattoo,mandala, black and blue, fine line, birds, circular, round, Black and grey, skin breaks, smoking, gangsters arm tattoos, matching arm tattoos, matching pairTribal rework, cover, tribal, black, redone, Coverup Tribal rework, cover, tribal, black, redone, Coverup Tattooed hand, octopus, hand, skull, antlers, hand tattoo, knuckles, deer, Black and grey, fine line, elephant, feminine, African, Stag head, antlers, foxes, fine line, rabbit, natureBlack and grey, wings, cross, crucifix, stars, chest piece, chest and shoulders, diamond
Fine line, Breast, side boob, ribs, feminine, colour, Fine line, black and grey, ram, horns, sheep, arm tattoo, fine Line, foot tattoo, feminine, fine line, turtle, sea life, marine, black and grey, sleeve tattoo, arm, colour, fine line, girl, boxing gloves, Skull, chest piece, black and greyBlack and grey, Gypsy face, woman's face, arm tattoo, head scarfVictorian, couple, lovers, black and grey, man and woman, Fine line, painted lady, naked lady, Naked, woman,black tattoo, british lion, fine line, arm tattoo, Lion, British, Black and grey, sleeve, Cornwall, landmarks, landscape, In the newspaper, Scary lovers, lovers, couple, black and grey and red, arm tattoos,
RARich Ainsworth
Rich Ainsworth