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Salvation Tattoo Dallas

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Lokey is a lifelong pencil drawing artist with 14 years of tattooing experience. His background involves other art forms such as custom Lowrider paint, airbrush murals, and graffiti.


About the Artist

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Celebrate detail with this illustrative upper arm tattoo by Lokey featuring a mesmerizing eye pattern design.Stunning black and gray illustration of a woman on the ribs by Lokey, expert in realism tattoos.This blackwork and illustrative tattoo featuring a heart and eye is the perfect bold and symbolic design for your upper arm. Trust talented artist Lokey for a one-of-a-kind piece.This stunning blackwork forearm tattoo by Lokey features intricate lettering and illustrative design, showcasing a name and quote.Experience the beauty of blackwork and realism with this illustrative tattoo of a flower tangled in thorns on your upper arm by talented artist Lokey.Powerful blackwork design featuring money, a woman, a shotgun, and a clown by Lokey.Embrace faith with this intricate blackwork tattoo by Lokey. Featuring a powerful illustration of Jesus, perfect for the forearm.Let Lokey's name shine on your forearm with this expertly crafted lettering and illustrative style tattoo.A striking blackwork tattoo of a boy in detailed realism style on the upper arm, by Lokey.
Beautiful illustrative tattoo on lower leg by Lokey, featuring a skull and flower motif in bold blackwork style.Unique blackwork tattoo blending delicate flowers with fierce lioness, by Lokey. Perfect for those seeking a bold and symbolic design.Get a bold and artistic name tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Lokey. Stand out with custom lettering and illustrations.An illustrative tattoo of a man and woman wearing caps, beautifully crafted in blackwork style by artist Lokey on the upper arm.Illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a heart, feather, pattern, and man elements by Lokey. Unique and bold design.Illustrative bird tattoo on forearm by Lokey, featuring bold blackwork design.Get a unique and meaningful finger tattoo with the year of your choice, expertly done in minimalist lettering by artist Lokey.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo of a woman shedding tears on your upper leg by the talented artist Lokey.