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Maibri Tattooing

Black Tapestry Tattoo

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Maibri is a talented tattoo artist based in London. She specialises in dotwork, floral designs and intricate fine line tattoos. Her attention to detail and dedication to the craft shine through in each piece. Her ability to connect with her clients and make them feel comfortable sets her apart



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

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Fine line Vintage sewing machine with traditional flowers.This contrast of styles makes this piece stunning apart from unique .#finelinetattoo #floralFine line Lilys in black and red .This tattoo makes a beautiful contrast with the skin #floral #floraltatttoo #fineline #floraltattoo #finelinetattooForearm dotwork mandala beautifully executed with a perfect technique that shows a soft fading of the dots creating this unique mandala #dotworkDelicate fine line piscis floral constellation custom made #fineline #floral Dotwork elbow piece custom made with love and care. Each human is unique Should your tattoo not be unique as well ? 🖤 #dotwork Embrace nature with this ilustrative tattoo by maibri featuring a tree branch and leaves in fine line #fineline #floralStunning floral spine tattoo . This is the definition of perfection and feminine in one sentence #fineline #floralCapture the beauty of a peony with this custom made floral piece #fineline #floral Neotraditional full color rose  Beautiful floral Bouquet created with the month flowers of my client's loved ones . A stunning tribute with a lot of hidden meaning behind. This is s perfect example of an elegant and enhancing tattoo with meaning #fineline #floralCapture the essence of nature with this illustrative tattoo featuring this beautiful sunflower and leaves #fineline #floral #finelinetattoo
Stunning fineline poison bottle made with a lot of care and finesse.#finelinetattoo #fineline #skulltattoo #poisonbottle Black and grey Medusa fine line tattoo #fineline #floralA beautiful fusion of styles featuring an ilustrative  greek statue and a realistic olive branch Both made with a lot of care to create a perfect match #finelinetattoo #olivebranch #blackandgreyBeautifully executed forearm fine line floral with butterflies a unique piece custom made #fineline #floral Beautifull fine line floral wrist ornament stunningly detailed. Ask for your custom made tattoo 🖤 #fineline #floralSingle needle tiny bumblebee with fluffy fur made as cute as it can be, for you to not be able to stop staring at your new tattoo 🖤 #fineline Breathing dotwork sleeve full of detail, made with care during multiple sessions. #dotwork #ornamentaltattoo #mandalatattooCustom made fine line floral wrist tattoo . Ask for a custom design with your favourite flowers to enhance your beauty 🖤 #fineline #floral Delicate floral dragon in black and grey #floralCustom made floral design. You are unique and your tattoo should be aswell 😉 Breathing dotwork sleeve full of detail, made with care during multiple sessions. #dotwork #ornamentaltattoo #mandalatattooWhen elegance and sexy cross paths. This beautiful ornament is a perfect example of how to enhance a womans beauty through tattooing 🖤
MTMaibri Tattooing
Maibri Tattooing