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Marek Unfamous Haras

London Ink

Next month


Based in London, UK, Marek is specialized in both futuristic and modern takes on realisic motifs. Cool, rare, and unique requests are welcome.



Hour rate:130 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

This is what I love to do ❤ Sleeve in progress....MODERN ELEMENTS ART With best;@radiantcolorsink@think_tattoo_aftercare @hypnotic art tattoo milton keynes @radiantcolorseurope@radiantcolorscrew#crazytattoo #tattooportrait #portraittattoo #dogtattoo#besttattooartistmiltonkeynes #besttattooartistlondon#besttattooartistuk #tattoos#tattooshopmiltonkeynes#tattoostudiomondon #besttattooidea #besttattoos#whoisthebesttattooartistExperience the bold colors and playful design of this new school sleeve tattoo featuring a beautiful flower and whimsical pumpkin, expertly crafted by Marek Unfamous Haras.#galaxytattoo #universetattoo by me.Vibrant new_school style apple tattoo by Marek Unfamous Haras, perfect for chest placement.New school illustrative tattoo featuring a skull with a science theme, by Marek Unfamous Haras.Vibrant new school style tattoo of a man on hand by Marek Unfamous Haras. Bold colors and intricate details make this piece pop.Black & Grey elephant tattoo #BlackandgreytattooGet inked with a stunning new school realism cat tattoo by Marek Unfamous Haras, perfect for your forearm.Marvel at Marek Unfamous Haras' new school realism tattoo featuring a captivating moon and planet design on the upper arm.Unique lower leg tattoo featuring a lifelike ant design by Marek Unfamous Haras. Stand out with this stunning piece of art!Experience the beauty and power of a detailed horse tattoo by Marek Unfamous Haras, expertly inked on your upper leg in a stunning realism style.Get inspired by Marek Unfamous Haras' new school style tattoo featuring vibrant crystals and a bold beetle motif on your sleeve.
Explore the galaxy with this new school tattoo of a planet and rocket by Marek Unfamous Haras. Vibrant colors and detailed realism make this piece truly out of this world.Vibrant new school design featuring a robot motif on the lower leg by Marek Unfamous Haras. A fun and futuristic piece!Get a stunning new school and realistic tattoo of a dog on your upper leg by the talented artist Marek Unfamous Haras.Explore the universe with this stunning new school and realism tattoo of an astronaut and planet on the upper leg by Marek Unfamous Haras.Vibrant and whimsical upper arm tattoo featuring a man and woman in new-school style, created by the talented artist Marek Unfamous Haras.Get a futuristic anime robot tattoo on your upper arm done by the talented artist Marek Unfamous Haras in new school style.Immerse yourself in the wild world with this stunning new school gorilla tattoo by Marek Unfamous Haras. Bring the jungle to your skin!Vibrant new school tattoo featuring a realistic leopard and beetle design on the forearm by Marek Unfamous Haras.Explore the beauty of space with this vibrant new school design by Marek Unfamous Haras, featuring a planet and tree motif on the ribs.Black & Grey galaxy tattoo #blackandgreytattooTransform your upper arm with Marek Unfamous Haras' stunning new school realism design featuring a woman and intricate patterns.Embrace the ancient warrior spirit with this colorful new school tattoo featuring a samurai sword by Marek Unfamous Haras.
MUMarek Unfamous Haras
Marek Unfamous Haras