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My name is Maria. I'm from Ukraine and I've been tattooing for 7 years, with the last 2 years spent living in London. I love drawing freehand snakes, dragons and combining flora with abstract elements. I highly value originality and uniqueness in tattoos. Write me your idea it's free😌



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

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Elegant flower tattoo designed by Maria in fine line floral style, perfect for a subtle and sophisticated look.Work done at the convention in Birmingham.Get lost in the dreamy world of Van Gogh with this illustrative tattoo by Maria. Perfect for art lovers and star gazers alike.Maria's stunning tattoo features intricate branches, leaves, and plants intertwined to create a beautiful natural design.Elegant black and gray fine line tattoo by Maria featuring a geometric design of a sun, angel, and eye. Perfect for those seeking a unique and spiritual tattoo.Experience Maria's stunning micro realism technique in this intricate cat portrait tattoo, a perfect tribute to your beloved pet.Get a captivating black and gray snake tattoo done with exquisite fine line work by talented artist Maria.Elegantly crafted by Maria, this fine line floral tattoo exudes beauty and sophistication. Perfect for those looking for a subtle yet stunning design.Stunning black and gray octopus tattoo by Maria, showcasing intricate details and skilled shading techniques.Capture the love for travel and home with Maria's fine line illustrative tattoo featuring a heart and map motif.4,5sessions for the back + cover-up of an old tattoo.Elegant illustrative snake tattoo in black and gray, skillfully executed by Maria.
Elegant black-and-gray illustrative tattoo featuring a beautiful flower design with intricate stitching details, created by talented artist Maria.Embrace simplicity with this fine line, small lettering tattoo crafted by the talented artist Maria.Elegant black and gray dragon tattoo, meticulously crafted by Maria. Surreal and mesmerizing.Adorn your skin with Maria's illustrative butterfly tattoo, showcasing intricate details and a touch of whimsy. Perfect for those who appreciate delicate and enchanting designs.Beautiful watercolor illustration of a cat with a magic wand and a majestic lynx, designed by Maria.Get a lifelike tattoo of your beloved pet cat with Maria's masterful micro-realism technique.Embrace the beauty of nature with this stunning micro-realism tattoo featuring a colorful sunflower, expertly done by the talented artist Maria.Get lost in wonderland with this small lettering illustrative tattoo of the mischievous Cheshire Cat by talented artist Maria.Discover the beauty of fine line tattoos with this elegant design by Maria, featuring intricate details and delicate lines.Discover Maria's stunning ornamental tattoo featuring intricate stitching motif, a unique and elegant design for your next ink inspiration.Capture the beauty of nature and caffeine with this detailed illustrative tattoo featuring a flower, coffee cup, a30, and vase. Created by the talented artist Maria.Elegant and detailed floral illustration with a powerful lion motif, beautifully crafted by Maria.