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MBMarilia Bruno

Marilia Bruno

Next month


tattoo artist based in Porto, Portugal. for more infos, check my instagram too :))


Black & Gray
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rainbow and illustration from @agustinaguerreroc r i s t a l sLotus flower & lettering Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden! (Lord of the Rings)a s t r o n a u tlotus of buddhaillustration from @crom_cristianortizGoku (from Dragon Ball)little pet <3 ornament & constellationGoku (from Dragon Ball)Bmo from Adventure Time
l o t u sw a l l . eEyelittle flowerLord of the Rings map!f l o w e r s Japanese cloudsf l o w e r s h e a r t w h a l elittle digital heart little birds
MBMarilia Bruno
Marilia Bruno