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Martin Rosenberg

The Circle

Not available


Martin is inspired by European modernism, design, and social art. He is specialising in fine line, realism and micro realism. Martin is working out of The Circle in the heart of London, when he is not travelling.


Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:300 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Capture the sleek lines of a Porsche 911 with this intricate upper arm tattoo by artist Martin Rosenberg.Get a fierce yet elegant touch with this black and gray tiger tattoo on your lower arm. Designed by Martin Rosenberg.Experience the stunning realism of St. Paul's Cathedral in this black and gray masterpiece by Martin Rosenberg. Perfect for stomach placement.Discover the intricate beauty of Martin Rosenberg's dotwork and fine line micro realism tattoo featuring the iconic Eames chair motif on your lower leg.Experience the detail and precision of Martin Rosenberg's micro realism tattoo featuring a sleek Mercedes SLS on your upper arm.Get a unique black and gray tattoo of a harlequin jester on your lower leg by the talented artist Martin Rosenberg.Exquisite dotwork and fine line work by Martin Rosenberg on arm depicting a detailed chair design.Experience the exquisite detail of micro realism in this upper arm tattoo featuring a lifelike car design by renowned artist Martin Rosenberg.Experience the artistry of micro-realism with this stunning crystal whiskey glass tattoo on your lower arm. Perfect for whiskey lovers and fans of intricate tattoo designs. Created by the talented Martin Rosenberg.Creeping skeletonElegant black and gray lady head portrait with intricate details and pearls on upper arm by Martin Rosenberg.Martin Rosenberg's black and gray lettering design featuring the motif of number 8 is a stunning addition to the chest.
Get a taste of sophistication with this micro-realism cocktail tattoo featuring a martini glass and olives. By artist Martin Rosenberg.Elegant scorpion design in black and gray, expertly done on lower arm by talented artist Martin Rosenberg.Capture the iconic Nike sneaker in stunning detail on your upper leg. Expertly done by Martin Rosenberg.Stunning black and gray upper arm tattoo of Frida Kahlo by Martin Rosenberg, capturing her iconic beauty in intricate detail.Adorn your upper leg with Martin Rosenberg's dotwork, fine line, micro realism design of chairs in a living room setting. Bring the comfort of home with you wherever you go.Get a stunning black and gray upper leg tattoo of a detailed statue bust portrait by Martin Rosenberg.Get a stunning black and gray swallow tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Martin Rosenberg.Impressively detailed micro realism car tattoo on upper arm by talented artist Martin Rosenberg.Experience Martin Rosenberg's skillful black and gray dotwork technique in this intricate heart tattoo on the side of your face.Get groovy with this micro-realism disco ball tattoo on your lower arm by the talented artist Martin Rosenberg.Adorn your stomach with a beautiful quote in Martin Rosenberg's sophisticated lettering style. Timeless and meaningful.Elegant heart tattoo on arm, expertly done in dotwork and fine line style by talented artist Martin Rosenberg.
MRMartin Rosenberg
Martin Rosenberg