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Graphic artist, illustrator. Tattoo people from 2016. Black graphic, dark art, fantasy, monsters, creepy, fairytale, animals. Telling your life stories through tattoos. Inspired by books, mythology, music, movies, games etc.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Lion tattoo, Leo, ribs tattoo Little prince and demons Hydra, chest tattoo, monster, mythology Hydra, Heracles, greek mythology, forearm tattooWolf, fox tattooIris tattoo, shoulder tattooDuck, skeletonSnake, dagger, blackwork, calf tattooFenrir, wolf, werewolf, Ragnarok, norse mythology. Part of the scandinavian sleeve Dragon, dragon tattoo, back tattoo, red ink Shaman, witch, magic tattoo
Hati and Skol, wolves, Norse mythology Moon tattooLeg tattoos, Tarot cards, hand of mysteries, philosopher’s stoner Small tattoo, sweet creature, shaman, illustrative Littlw shaman, creature, magic, small tattooAlbrecht Durer tattoo, gravure, death tattooDragon tattoo, thigh tattoo, whipshading Joker tattooSmall tattoo, #smalltattoo, whale, dotwork Raven, sketch, inkwork, forearm tattooSalvador Dali tattooOdin, norse mythilogy, Tarot card, the hanged man