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Megan Foster

The Lucky Pig

Next month


Tattooing traditional and fine line tattoos. Everybody is welcome.



Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get inked with Megan Foster's illustrative design showcasing a captivating lady devil motif. Embrace your dark side with this striking tattoo.Discover the beauty of this illustrative traditional tattoo featuring a majestic butterfly and elegant lady by artist Megan Foster.Get mesmerized by Megan Foster's illustrative traditional tattoo of a mystical gypsy woman. Embrace the magic.Discover the beauty of an illustrative traditional style tattoo featuring a graceful lady and a stunning butterfly, expertly crafted by Megan Foster.Elegant black and gray lettering tattoo by Megan Foster. Perfect for a timeless and meaningful design.Get a fierce and striking traditional dragon tattoo designed by the talented Megan Foster. Let this mythical creature adorn your skin with its powerful presence.Experience the timeless beauty of a black and gray traditional sacred heart tattoo, expertly crafted by artist Megan Foster.Get mesmerized by Megan Foster's detailed illustrative dragon tattoo. A mystical symbol of power and strength.Beautifully detailed illustrative traditional tattoo by Megan Foster featuring a star, butterfly, and graceful woman.Experience the intricate beauty of ornamental style with this stunning tattoo design created by talented artist Megan Foster.Get a unique illustrative tattoo featuring a skull and eye design by the talented artist Megan Foster. Stand out with this edgy and detailed piece of art.Traditional tattoo of a soldier pig, beautifully designed by Megan Foster.
Get a bold and powerful tattoo combining a cross and Black Sabbath motifs, designed by the talented Megan Foster.Unique illustrative/traditional tattoo by Megan Foster featuring a mystical chimera cat with wings design.Discover the bold beauty of blackwork lettering by tattoo artist Megan Foster. Timeless and striking, this style makes a statement that lasts a lifetime.Experience the merging of illustrative and traditional styles with this captivating tattoo featuring a mysterious gypsy lady and a powerful dagger, skillfully crafted by artist Megan Foster.Captivating black and gray illustrative tattoo of an eye entwined with thorns, by artist Megan Foster.Celebrate Megan Foster's skillful blend of symbolism with this stunning traditional tattoo of a goat, head, thorns, and lamb design.Experience the blend of traditional and abstract styles in this stunning tattoo by Megan Foster. A striking tiger and delicate rose create a unique and eye-catching design.Experience the power and beauty of a classic dragon motif with this illustrative traditional tattoo by skilled artist Megan Foster.Beautiful traditional tattoo design featuring a rose and dagger, crafted by the talented artist Megan Foster.Illustrative design by Megan Foster featuring a unique combination of a star and goat motif.Captivating blackwork design by Megan Foster, blending ornamental and illustrative styles for a striking and unique tattoo.Get inked with this playful illustrative design featuring a frog playing a banjo in a cowboy hat, done by Megan Foster.
MFMegan Foster
Megan Foster