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MMMichaela May

Michaela May

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A tattoo apprentice at The Gallery Custom Tattoo!


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I had the honor of tattooing this lovely #bunny #memorialtattoo for the fantastic Emma. Thank you very much for letting me design this piece, I'm glad I did Alfie justice! I'm very keen to do more colour tattoos, and start incorporating colour into my designs :)I did this cute stylised heart for a lovely client recently, thanks for the trust!!I had a blast doing this sweet poppy for an even sweeter Poppy!!! Thanks for a fun morning, and the trust πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I got to do this awesome humpback whale tattoo recently, thank you for coming in San! It was a fun day :)I had the pleasure of doing these matching cat and dog tattoos for the awesome Kiriana the other day! Thank you for a lovely morning :)I finished my second realism practice today! This badger's fur was a fun challenge, I'm learning so much from doing these πŸ˜† I got to add this awesome dotwork Rebel Alliance symbol to Greg's sleeve recently, thank you for your trust!!I tried my hand at realism practice today for the first time! This little birdie is a New Zealand Rock Wren :)The awesome Faith came in for a special red panda and some foxgloves the other day!! It took me two days to finish, the panda and right foxglove are healed and the left foxglove is fresh :) I had an absolute blast, thank you for a fantastic few days! Hopefully I'll see you again soon ;) I got to touch up one of my first tattoos recently! Thank you Gabbi for toughing it out with me 😊What a fun time it was to do this cute Harry Potter ankle tattoo!! Thank you very much πŸ˜†I did these cute tattoos on the wonderful Devon!! Two star constellations The Southern Cross, and The Big Dipper :) Thank you!
I'm super excited about these matching best friend tattoos tomorrow!! One for me, and one for my bestie 😍 Thank you in advance @angiedawnart for actually tattooing these!!  Hi guys!! Sorry I went dark there while uni sucked me in, but I'm back now and taking bookings again! Here's a couple sweet buns from a while back on the lovely Steph, I loved having you in and chatting about our bunnies!The lovely Hannah was in for this awesome #continuousline tattoo the other day! Thanks for a fun day :)I had the lovely Ash in again to add to her growing collection!! Thanks again for a great day, and sitting like a rock as always!!I had the pleasure of doing these matching cat and dog tattoos for the awesome Kiriana the other day! Thank you for a lovely morning :)I have this sweet little poppy I'd love to tattoo! Hit me up if you're interested 😊To complete the set is a Gengar!! I love his little red eyes 😍😍 This happy chappy is up for grabs! If you'd like this Haunter PokΓ©mon hit me up πŸ˜† I had a beautiful walk for their first tattoo, with a lovely meaning πŸ’œ Thank you!I had heaps of fun drawing up this cute dotwork ghastly!! Hit me up if you'd like to give him a home, or would like your fave PokΓ©mon instead ;)I had the pleasure of adding this cute bee to Nicola's ankle, thank you for a sweet sitting!
MMMichaela May
Michaela May