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Mik Thobo-Carlsen

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Co-founder of Tattoodo Love: Tattoos, fun stuff, crazy people, good times. Hate: Assholes, shopping, the weather in Denmark.

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Favorite snowman! ❤️Late work sushi with the @tattoodo team!@jessicapaige @johanplenge @katievidan @denotattoo @TheCecilia @chateau @rodrigocanteras @jean @cathleya @jens The Beef getting man handled by @TimKlamer @henningjorgensen doing his magic on @johanplenge 🐅@rodrigocanteras Tattoodo decoration ❤️This was in the mail ❤️ @BeauXBrady New cufflinks from #thegreatfrognycAnother one.. #tattoodobaby Louis and another Tattoodo legend.. #tattoodobaby
Who did this?@rodrigocanteras starting a door.First tattoo in our new in-house tattoo studio..@TimKlamer @jens Tattoodo guys and the new sign!@Caspar and @johanplenge At LoveHate with @rodrigocanteras Just received this from Bologne Tattoo Expo.. What's not to love? ❤️ @amijames @henningjorgensen The old King of Denmark!@amijames #tattoodobaby Louis and Ross Nagle.. (it's Louis on the left). #tattoodobaby
MTMik Thobo-Carlsen
Mik Thobo-Carlsen