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Mike Philp

CoCreate Tattoo and Art Space

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Mike is most interested in the combination of Mathematics and Art as a collaborative connection which naturally pushed him towards the focus of geometric pattern work. He has been tattooing since late 2009 and is creating a unique form of geometry within tattooing and design. Mike believes that a tattoo is more than just artwork on skin but a way for the client to create an ever lasting feeling, a tattoo is not just a tattoo, but an experience and a memory you hold for a lifetime. Instagram @mike_philp


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Some of my latest work,  june 2019Close up of Cjays sleeve.Full sleeve based round a gucci print.Sleeve inspried by album covers by the band “Angels and Airwaves” with the geometric addition.Geometric lioness, the addition of the flower of life pattern and the coloured flower to represent the battle of cancer his mother faced.Mother Nature design, always adding the geometric element Into my work.
Geometric tiger, animal tattoos will never outdate.Andrew sewells sleeve! I’d love to contruct more sleeves like this, let me hear your ideas!Owl/woman combination sleeve Backpiece continuation on a good friend of mine.Geometric BandContinuous time, Rose with timepiece design.Leg sleeve, Geometric animal design.
MPMike Philp
Mike Philp