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The London Social Tattoo

This week


Monike is extremely talented all around and specialises in fine-line, delicate tattooing as well as larger, more intricate shaded pieces. Monike's talents span from dainty sparkles and hearts to elaborate shaded pieces. Drop Monike a message to get booked in for your new piece.



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a bold cowboy hat tattoo on your arm by Monike. Stand out with this unique ignorant style design!Get a stylish and delicate fine line tattoo of your favorite number done by the talented artist Monike. Perfect for those who appreciate small lettering tattoos.Express your love through fine_line and illustrative art with this unique couple face tattoo in singleline style by MonikeGet a unique and stylish origami tattoo on your arm by the talented artist Monike. Stand out with this trendy design!Beautiful tattoo design featuring delicate flower and cross intertwined with branches and sprigs. By artist Monike.Experience the intricate beauty of fine line and illustrative styles in this abstract tattoo by Monike, symbolizing deep connections.Delicate fine line ornamental design by Monike, perfect for a unique and elegant spine tattoo.Get a dainty and elegant fine line heart tattoo by the talented artist Monike for a subtle yet beautiful addition to your body art collection.Express your unique style with this bold ignorant clam design by talented artist Monike. Perfect for arm placement.Beautiful flower design crafted by Monike on your forearm with a unique ignorant style. Perfect blend of elegance and edginess.Get a stunning fine line butterfly tattoo by Monike, blending realism with delicate illustrative details.Get inked with this fine line single line elephant design by Monike for a sleek and modern look.
Experience the ancient art of Japanese tattooing with a fierce snake motif adorning your arm, beautifully executed by Monike.Get delicate and fine_line sun tattoo by Monike, combining elegance and beauty in illustrative style. Perfect for a timeless and unique look.Get a stunning and dainty fine line tattoo of a flower by Monike, perfect for those who love delicate artwork.Black and gray micro realism tattoo of a sea turtle, beautifully done by Monike on the ribs.Get a small lettering tattoo of a significant date with delicate fine line work by Monike for a timeless and personal piece of body art.Express your inner conflict with this intricate fine line illustration by Monike. The heart and brain motif captures the delicate balance between emotions and logic.Elegant fine line and illustrative tattoo of a delicate flower on the hand by Monike. Perfect for a minimalist and chic look.A black and gray butterfly tattoo on the lower leg, expressing Monike's unique style.Express your inner conflict with this unique ignorant style tattoo featuring a heart and brain on your arm. Created by the talented artist Monike.Get a dainty fine line sun tattoo with intricate details by Monike for a subtle yet stunning look.Elegant fine line tattoo of a dainty lily flower, beautifully illustrated by the talented artist Monike.Delicate design by Monike combining elements of a butterfly and sacred heart in a stunning illustrative style.