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Mummy Tattoo

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Located in Beijing. Not only a tattoo artist but also a painter who published two books of Chinese painting. Dong’s painting was selected by “Tattoo”,which is the very first time tattoo as a culture been exhibited in museums around the world. Dong is also a crossover designer, who is the designer of the very popular portable tattoo table. He also worked with some of the best hand crafters in different fields. One of his design won the champion of 2019 World Leather Debut.



Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
About the Artist

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Twin Foo DogsPainting on different stuffs is fun and challenging, I enojoyed so much. This is what i mean of “Play”Golden fishes, originally from AsiaBack piece not finishedIn acient times.Chinese painters are very strict with the texture and quality of fan frames. It became a career of making fan frame. Normally they are made from bamboos. It is impossible to find a hand crafter who can make fan frame.A chinese painter’s tradition: fan painting, from hundreds years ago. Done @Mondial Tatouage
“Tattoo” My lifestyle,my atitude. Customize with feet on the ground.
Painting collection “Dong’s Sketch Book” Pubilished in 2014Painting book - “Chinese Foo Dog”,published in 2012Portable tattoo table. This is version 1.0,all sold out. Dong is working on 2.0 nowWave is one of Dong’s favorite topicI did several fan paintings. But hard to find the good frame to make into fans. Foo DogI decided to do somethin different. Not as the dragon you used to, but a close up, face to faceChinese ink painting