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NKNate Kemr

Nate Kemr

West Anchor Tattoo

Cleveland, OH


Blackwork-Traditional <Bring close what you fear most>


Old School (Traditional)
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Smoke acid. n.kemr on instagram
Dirty old town.
Cuff it up.
Daddy was a bank robber.
Fish lady.   @n.kemr on instagram
A bone to pick. @n.kemr on Instagram.
Hokey pokey.

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George Burchett design.
In the dessert, you can’t remember your name.
Death is not the end.

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No more pain will come.
Got a leg up on this feller. n.kemr on Instagram.
Stick up kid.
I’m at the Brighton tattoo convention this weekend, plenty of flash to sort through as well as a small bit of merch. Walk ups all weekend long. #brightontattooconvention #brightonuk #blackworkers
Never drew first, but drew first blood.
Cobra mother. n.kemr on instagram.
Cobra daddy from my flash.
Ritual knife.

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“Shank ya with my fuckin shank if I have ta.” @n.kemr on Instagram
Once upon a time in rhe west.
Tattoo by Nate Kemr #NateKemr #tattoodo #tattoodoapp #tattoodoappartists #besttattoos #awesometattoos #tattoosforgirls #tattoosformen #cooltattoos #blackwork #darkart #traditional #skull #castle #goblet
NKNate Kemr
Nate Kemr