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Natasha Rachel

One By One

Next month




Black & Gray


Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
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Single needle colour sunflower single needle colour sunflower small single needle carnation on the ankle The wonderful Shana sat beautifully for this scorpion piece, we have continued to design further down the shoulder and arm, and excited to get going on it once we open from April 12th Another section of a full sleeve project Forearm section to a full sleeve project Back tattoo progress #backtattoo #mandalatattoo #dotworktattooScar cover-up floral piece, a beautiful way to start a new journey 🖤 #peonytattoo #flowertattoo #armtattoo #coveruptattoo #scartattoo #londontattooartist
lemon and orange branch single needle colour forget me notsWho doesn’t love a lil Elllyyyy tattoo A mandala to fit the forearm Another illustrative drawing for WillFirst tattoo for Nito and really enjoyed the process of working with him to create his vision. Mandala and peony sternum tattoo #sternum #mandalatattoo #mandala #peony #peonytattoo Enjoyed this mixed media forearm piece so much! Thank you for a great session Stephen. Enjoying meeting great clients like this through the TattooDo app #liontattoo #geometrictattoo #rosetattoo #dotworktattoo #armtattoo #londontattoo #londontattooartist
NRNatasha Rachel
Natasha Rachel