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Nicholas Dimpsey

The Old Stables Tattoo Studio

3+ months


My journey into the world of tattooing began during my teenage years as part of a vibrant street art community. This natural progression eventually led me to become a tattoo artist. At The Old Stables, we are dedicated in bringing your vision to life, and providing the best customer service.


Hour rate:140 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

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Healed MedusaAstronaut with space sceneHealed Stag PieceWar SleeveHealed Arsenal PortraitsCelebrate the beauty and mystery of theatrical arts with this stunning black and gray realism tattoo by Nicholas Dimpsey.Nicholas Dimpsey's stunning black and gray tattoo featuring a fierce tiger in a gladiator arena setting.Tribesman PortraitNative American PieceLion and RoseTigerHealed Hannya and Statue
Healed Front PieceHealed Bob Marley and Marvin GayeSkull and Woman SleeveSkull and ClockNeo-traditional black and gray tattoo by Nicholas Dimpsey, featuring a menacing grim reaper entwined with a sinister snake motif.Capture the essence of African safari with this stunning black and gray rhinoceros tattoo by Nicholas Dimpsey.Skull, Python and River LiliesAll Seeing Eye and RoseGas MaskChicano Woman FaceDark AngelHealed Angel Statue
NDNicholas Dimpsey
Nicholas Dimpsey