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Nikki Bostin

The Blue Tattoo

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Nikki is a transgender (m2f) tattoo artist from South Africa, and a new transplant to London. Specialized in illustrative work, Nikki can be found at The Blue Tattoo in London.



Hour rate:140 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get inked with a cute Pikachu tattoo design featuring sticker accents and adorable ears, by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin.Fine line illustrative tattoo by Nikki Bostin, featuring a beautiful monstera plant design on the upper arm.Get a stunning ornamental pattern tattoo on your back by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin. A unique and intricate design that will make a bold statement.Elegantly detailed lower arm tattoo by Nikki Bostin featuring graceful koi fish and intricate figures.Elegant design featuring a delicate heart and intricate pattern by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin.Striking blackwork tattoo of an anime man, expertly done by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin on the upper arm. Unique and impressive design.Embrace your love for nature with this fine line mushroom tattoo by artist Nikki Bostin. Perfect for nature lovers!Get inspired with Nikki Bostin's elegant small lettering quote tattoo on your upper arm.Elegant forearm tattoo by Nikki Bostin featuring intricate mandala design in fine line style.Handwritten hearts Fun tiny ladybug :)
Adorn your forearm with an exquisite floral design by the talented Nikki Bostin. Delicate and refined, this tattoo is sure to make a statement.Elegant floral design featuring a delicate sunflower in fine line style, beautifully executed by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin.swallow tattoo Celebrate the special women in your life with this elegant fine line tattoo featuring the motifs of mom and family. Perfect for the arm.Get a stunning upper arm tattoo of a happy sad mask in fine line style by artist Nikki Bostin. Make a bold statement with this unique design.Small lettering tattoo on upper arm featuring a quote from Lisa Simpson, done by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin.Elegant lettering tattoo with a meaningful quote by tattoo artist Nikki Bostin, perfect for your forearm.Elegant fine line design by Nikki Bostin featuring the beloved character from 'The Little Prince'Elegant and intricate, this micro-realism spider tattoo by Nikki Bostin will make a stunning addition to your arm.Elegant pattern design by Nikki Bostin, perfect for a minimalistic look on your forearm.Get a stunning blackwork pattern tattoo by artist Nikki Bostin on your upper arm for a bold and unique look.Loved doing this little guy today
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Nikki Bostin