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I’m Nick, a Tattooer in San Antonio Texas. I’d love to do your next tattoo.



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
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WIP Bearded Hercules statue that is not quite finished but was happy with the first session Flowers are always fun and make great additions like with this Serotonin symbol redesign Samurai design I had the pleasure of adding into an already started sleeve Redesign of a very popular concept to fill this individuals arm, the lion/cross combo is a classic Black hole 🕳 WIP colored this rose filler in on a coloring session for this reaper sleeve I had so much fun designing this tattoo and loved the way it came out. 🤘🏾Close up of the Scorpion rose from the previous post OM SHANTI ANADA Girl heads are always fun Traditional cattleman’s revolver for this gentleman. Heres a fishing themed tattoo in memory of my clients grandfather.
The sacred heart of Jesus is such a powerful design and so fun to tattoo. Vahz bouquet that was so much fun to put together, lines are healed but the color is fresh  : Second session Vegvisir design I had some liberties with to fill out this warriors arm 💪🏽Ankle to the top of the foot this peonie design sits as decoration WIP got a lot done on this spider skull ripping out this sternum, first session down more color soon. WIP colored this heart in a coloring session on this reaper sleeve to be continued on. 💪🏽Gypsy girls are some of my favorite subjects to create. Filled this sternum up with this little Scorpio rose 🌹Close up of the rose from the previous post Skull and rose to fill a gap in this sleeve. Little flower filler Had a blast designing and tattooing this koi fish.