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Alejandro Gonzalez

This week


Immerse yourself in the world of Alejandro, a Colombian artist who's made a mark in Soho, New York. Whether it's the intricate details of realism, the eloquent art of lettering, or the profound depth of black work tattoos, Alejandro's craftsmanship speaks volumes. For tattoos that resonate with passion and precision, Alejandro is your go-to artist.


Hour rate:150 USD
Min. rate:150 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

⚜️ SAPEREAUDE ⚜️Lettering I did a few weeks ago.V E N O M O U S ✨Get inked with a hauntingly beautiful black and gray forearm tattoo, featuring a devil, skull, and violin, masterfully done by Alejandro Gonzalez.Dark and detailed black-and-gray design by Alejandro Gonzalez on the ribs, featuring an octopus and skull motif.R O S A S 🌹 Capture the fierce yet delicate beauty of a tiger and leaf in striking black and gray realism. By renowned artist Alejandro Gonzalez.Impressive upper arm tattoo in black and gray by Alejandro Gonzalez, featuring a detailed lion eye adorned with intricate filigree design.A N G E L ⚜️Ignorant style forearm tattoo featuring a knife, man, and stars, by Alejandro Gonzalez.Capture the power and beauty of the sea with this stunning black and gray tattoo featuring a lighthouse, storm clouds, crashing waves, and lightning. Designed by Alejandro Gonzalez.Unique blackwork design combining lettering and illustrative motifs by Alejandro Gonzalez. Perfect for a small but eye-catching tattoo on your finger.Elegant black and gray dotwork tattoo featuring a snake and peony motif, expertly done by Alejandro Gonzalez.
Impressive black and gray upper back tattoo featuring a detailed skull and skeleton design by artist Alejandro Gonzalez.Get a unique black and gray tattoo of a skull with horns by tattoo artist Alejandro Gonzalez. Perfect for chest placement.Unique black and gray illustrative tattoo by Alejandro Gonzalez, featuring a skull and bottle design.🍃 Herbage. Always happy to tattoo floral stuff.N O T O R I U S ✨Experience the detailed beauty of a black and gray illustrative eagle tattoo by artist Alejandro Gonzalez.Elegant illustrative design by Alejandro Gonzalez, combining a star and eye motif on the arm.Unique blackwork design by Alejandro Gonzalez featuring a pattern and meaningful lettering on the finger.Elegant black and gray fine line illustration of the Vitruvian Man, expertly done by Alejandro Gonzalez on the chest.Capture the beauty of a chameleon in stunning black and gray by tattoo artist Alejandro Gonzalez.Stunning black and gray micro realism hands tattoo on the side of the face, expertly crafted by Alejandro Gonzalez.A stunning black and gray fine line tattoo of an astronaut helmet in a geometric design on the forearm by Alejandro Gonzalez.
AGAlejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez