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oscar jesus


2-3 months


Oscar, a master of fine line and micro-realism tattoos, operates out of North London, bringing a wealth of artistry to each design he creates. His skill set extends beyond his specialties to include Black & Gray, Blackwork, Fineline, Geometric, Ornamental, Realism, Surrealism, and Micro Realism. Whether you're drawn to his available flash designs or seek a custom piece born from your ideas, Oscar's precision and creative vision ensure a unique and striking tattoo experience.



Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

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Beautiful illustrative bird tattoo on neck by artist Oscar Jesus. Detailed fine line work.Stunning blackwork angel tattoo by Oscar Jesus, blending realism and illustrative style. Adorn your arm with divine cherub.Fine line illustrative tattoo by Oscar Jesus featuring a butterfly, moth, and skull design in black and gray.Experience the beauty of traditional Japanese blackwork with this stunning hannya design by artist Oscar Jesus.Capture life's moments with this blackwork and realistic tattoo featuring a camera and wings, by artist Oscar Jesus.Experience the exquisite beauty of micro realism with this stunning black and gray crane tattoo by the talented artist Oscar Jesus.Get inked with a striking blackwork man design on your ribs by the talented artist Oscar Jesus.Stunning black & gray micro-realism dotwork tattoo featuring a queen chess piece. Get chess inspired ink by a talented artist!Experience the surreal beauty of René Magritte's 'The Lovers' in intricate micro realism by talented artist Oscar Jesus.Unique upper arm tattoo combining lettering and realism with an illustrative coin motif, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Oscar Jesus.Experience the intricate detail of micro realism with this black and gray tattoo of the iconic veiled virgin statue, by Oscar Jesus.Get lost at sea with this fine line black and gray pirate ship tattoo by Oscar Jesus.
Get a unique and detailed blackwork skull tattoo on the side of your face by the talented artist Oscar Jesus.Experience the artistry of Oscar Jesus with this bold and detailed horse tattoo, perfect for your upper arm.Experience fine lines and intricate details with this black & gray illustrative tattoo by Oscar Jesus.Illustrative forearm tattoo of a detailed axe by artist Oscar Jesus. Perfect for those who appreciate bold and striking designs.Fine line micro-realism black & gray tattoo by Oscar Jesus featuring a skeleton in prayer within a frame design.Beautiful black and gray dotwork piece by Oscar Jesus featuring intricate illustrative bee and wasp motifs.Oscar Jesus combines blackwork, realism, and illustrative styles to create a stunning design on the forearm.Exquisite black and gray dotwork tiger design by Oscar Jesus. Fine line details create a striking illustrative piece.Experience the fierce beauty of a blackwork panther tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Oscar Jesus.Experience the beauty of nature with this exquisite black and gray botanical tattoo by Oscar Jesus.#finelinetattoo #microtattoo #realismtattoo #portraittattoo #microrealism Exquisite black and gray sword tattoo by talented artist Oscar Jesus, featuring intricate details and shading.
ojoscar jesus
oscar jesus