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Osman Ergin

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Osman is an artist specializing in black&grey tattoos. A lot of his designs are very abstract and incorporate fineline and watercolor styles. He is also great at realism!
About the Artist

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A stunning blackwork illustrative tattoo featuring a moon, wolf, and woman, created by Osman Ergin on the forearm.Elegant and detailed fine line tattoo of a woman on the upper back, created by the talented artist Osman Ergin.Get hooked on Osman Ergin's fine line blackwork fish tattoo, beautifully detailed and perfect for the forearm.Explore the intricate beauty of nature with this striking blackwork tree design by Osman Ergin. Perfect for a bold and timeless chest piece.Experience the force with this stunning blackwork lightsaber tattoo on your forearm by Osman Ergin.Illustrative design of a brain on upper arm by talented artist Osman Ergin. Intricate details and delicate lines for a unique tattoo.Illustrative tattoo on upper arm featuring a woman's hand holding a flower next to a beetle, by Osman Ergin.Unique blackwork tattoo on forearm by Osman Ergin, featuring a geometric pattern with a man's head illustration.Unique blackwork and illustrative tattoo by Osman Ergin featuring a whale, flower, and intricate pattern design on the upper leg.Unique blackwork tattoo on lower leg featuring a fish, man, and hourglass motif by Osman Ergin.Unique blackwork tattoo by Osman Ergin featuring a beautiful bird motif intertwined with intricate patterns on the upper arm.Experience the artistry of Osman Ergin with this stunning illustrative woman tattoo on your forearm.
Impressive blackwork and fine line illustrative design by Osman Ergin, showcasing the power and grace of the lion.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo of a heron and flower on your arm by the talented artist Osman Ergin.A stunning blackwork tattoo of a woman intertwined with beautiful flowers, expertly done by artist Osman Ergin.Illustrative upper arm tattoo featuring a cat and flower motif, done by Osman Ergin.Discover the mesmerizing pattern design by Osman Ergin, perfect for your ribs. Embrace the beauty of illustrative blackwork ink.Capture the beauty of nature with this blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a sun, mountain, girl, and cloud. Inked by Osman Ergin.Adorn your upper back with a beautiful neo-traditional sunflower tattoo by the talented artist Osman Ergin.Osman Ergin creates a stunning blackwork design featuring an illustrative eye within a intricate pattern on the hand.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo of a unique patterned logo design on your upper arm by the talented artist Osman Ergin.Bold blackwork design of fish and whale on knee. Unique illustrative style by talented artist Osman Ergin.Get mesmerized by Osman Ergin's stunning blackwork owl design on your chest. The intricate detailing will leave you in awe.Striking blackwork design by Osman Ergin featuring a geometric tree pattern on the upper leg.
OEOsman Ergin
Osman Ergin