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Patrick Bates

K-ink Tattoo Studio

Next week


After 10 years in the U.S. Military Patrick moved to Denmark and started a career in tattooing, which he’s doing part time now while pursuing a degree in physics!



Hour rate:1000 DKK
Min. rate:1000 DKK
About the Artist

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Admire the intricate blackwork bee design by tattoo artist Patrick Bates on your forearm. Stand out with this unique piece!Elegant blackwork piece by tattoo artist Patrick Bates featuring a delicate flower sprig design on the forearm.Unique blackwork and fine line forearm tattoo combining leaf and chess motifs, created by skilled artist Patrick Bates.Get a timeless and vibrant traditional butterfly tattoo on your upper arm by skilled artist Patrick Bates.Fine line ankle tattoo featuring small lettering of a meaningful quote, beautifully illustrated by artist Patrick Bates.Fine line forearm tattoo featuring Peter Pan inspired boy, created by artist Patrick Bates.Get the ultimate bold and beautiful blackwork peony tattoo on your upper arm, designed by Patrick Bates.Experience the artistry of Patrick Bates with this illustrative blackwork sun tattoo on your shin. Striking and intricate design.Illustrative blackwork tattoo of a dino and girl by Patrick Bates, beautifully crafted on the ribs.Beautiful lettering and illustrative elements by Patrick Bates on upper leg with a quote, woman, and flower motif.Unique and intricate illustrative stitch design on lower leg, expertly crafted by talented artist Patrick Bates.Discover a mesmerizing mix of dotwork, geometric shapes, and ornamental patterns on the upper arm by the talented artist Patrick Bates.
Explore the classic art of blackwork and traditional tattoo styles with this stunning bird design by Patrick Bates.Impressive blackwork and illustrative tattoo of a shark on forearm by Patrick BatesExperience the beauty of Patrick Bates' blackwork butterfly tattoo on your chest. A stunning and bold piece of art.Get a striking forearm tattoo by Patrick Bates featuring a unique combination of flower, skull and helmet motifs.An illustrative hand tattoo on the upper arm by talented artist Patrick Bates, featuring intricate fine line work.Explore the intricate details of Patrick Bates' blackwork key design on your forearm. Unlock your inner strength and mystery.Elegant blackwork floral design on lower leg, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Patrick Bates. Illustrative style with delicate fine lines.Fine line and illustrative style upper arm tattoo by Patrick Bates, featuring a geometric elephant design with intricate patterns.Get a knockout traditional tattoo on your upper arm featuring a boxer with gloves by artist Patrick Bates.Experience the stunning blackwork realism of Patrick Bates with this captivating hand tattoo on your upper back.Get buzzed with this beautifully illustrated bee tattoo on your upper arm, done in fine line style by the talented artist Patrick Bates.Get a stunning and intricate hand tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Patrick Bates. The fine line work and illustrative style will make this piece truly unique.
PBPatrick Bates
Patrick Bates