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PAPan Anastasakos    (owner and  tattoo artist at CM tattoos )

Pan Anastasakos (owner and tattoo artist at CM tattoos )


Kallithea /Athens, Attiki


FEEL FREE TO VISIT AND JOIN US . Instagram // Site // Youtube // Cmtattoos (Crystal Meth tattoos) was created in 1998 by Panayiotis Anastasakos. Our services for 22 years are not only preferable ,loved but also adequate. At the highest level of hygienics , top of the art equipment and technical knowledge in all aspects of the art. Our highest level services are proven to be trustworthy among many satisfied customers/collectors/associates, during our long and awesome course. Our goal for any customer is to have one most enjoyable ,no risk experience/memory during the procedure of creation of his tattoo. Our long experience , the love of the tattoo art and the correct application of any techiques , the knowledge of materials , hygienics protocols , and the correct execution of the procedure , defines and guarantees a wonderfull experience for you , upon deciding and accepting seriously , on entering the world of tattoo as a tattoo collector. Allways updated in any sector of application , we welcome any, who choose us to create and share this awesome experience/memory with. Furthermore , the creation of any tattoo , is a deeper -than most people believe- procedure/experience and demands not only a higher level of communication between the collector and the artist but also mutual respect ,personal development ,humanism and trust. Finally , if you accept our invitation , and deside to trust us with your tattoo creation , on any level of the procedure (interview, designing , colour or not, any technique etc ) , with no risk and discomfort at all , in a definite enjoyable and relaxed environment and with understanding and appreciation ,objectivity and honesty then visit us and realise how superb your tattoo experience can become. Respectfully, Panayiotis Anastasakos (CMTATTOOS) ps :FOR ALL THOSE WHO MIGHT ASK ABOUT OUR HARDCORE BRAND NAME this mght help you out-- THE STORY BEHIND THE BRAND One day, back then(1997), I saw an abstract full colour image of a methamphetamine crystal, viewed through a electronic microscope. This image was so strong visually that I decided to name the studio as such. In (2000) was tough inside world wide web with this brand name and I had a lot of extreme prejudice pressure. Then I understood why and by sympathizing all of my attackers, I had grown as a person and as a tattoo artist. But I didn’t gave up and after 22 years and a lot of excellent, reviews and workhours I am a very happy and complete, artist. I did not attain any apprenticeship and for that matter I developed my own unique style and overall abilities in multiple sectors of this beautyfull art form.



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
New School
Trash Polka Style
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PAPan Anastasakos (owner and tattoo artist at CM tattoos )
Pan Anastasakos (owner and tattoo artist at CM tattoos )