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Sang Bleu London

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Paula J Davey (she/her), a resident tattoo artist at Sang Bleu London, brings a unique artistic flair to her work. Specializing in Black & Gray, Blackwork, Fineline, Illustrative, and Floral styles, Paula's diverse skill set allows her to create stunning, bespoke tattoos. Her presence at Sang Bleu adds a vibrant dimension to the London tattoo scene, catering to those who seek a blend of precision, creativity, and elegance in their body art.


About the Artist

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A stunning black and gray illustrative tattoo of a tarpon fish, beautifully designed by Paula.Embrace the ancient symbolism with this dotwork and illustrative tattoo featuring a slithering snake and elegant vase. Dive into the magic of Paula's artistry.Get a unique tattoo featuring a spider, fruit, lily, strawberry, and spider web. Let Paula bring your vision to life with her illustrative style.Adorn your skin with Paula's intricate botanical flower design, beautifully crafted in fine line illustrative style.Discover the whimsical world of mushrooms with this beautifully detailed illustrative tattoo by Paula. Perfect for nature lovers!Adorn your skin with Paula's beautiful floral and illustrative tattoo featuring intricate botanical motifs.Get mesmerized by this illustrative magpie bird tattoo crafted by the talented artist Paula. Perfect for bird lovers!Check out this stunning illustrative tattoo of an olive branch by the talented artist Paula, perfect for nature lovers!Admire the intricate details of this black and gray illustrative flower tattoo by the talented artist Paula.Get a whimsical tattoo featuring a frog, banjo, and a cowboy designed by the talented artist Paula. Unique and playful design.Celebrate the beauty and darkness of life with this stunning illustrative tattoo featuring a flower and skull motif by Paula.Unique tattoo design featuring a frog, heart, and bellflower created by the talented artist Paula. Perfect for nature lovers!
Get inked by Paula with a stunning floral design featuring detailed nasturtium flowers and botanical elements.Get a mesmerizing botanical tattoo in dotwork style by the talented artist Paula. Embrace the beauty of nature in this unique illustration.Immerse yourself in a serene pond with this stunning tattoo featuring a frog, lotus, and water lily. Let Paula bring this beautiful design to life on your skin.Handcrafted illustrative tattoo of intricate flowers and vines, skillfully designed by artist Paula.Get a timeless and vibrant illustrative traditional rose tattoo by the talented artist Paula.Experience the power and grace of an eagle in this stunning and lifelike tattoo by the talented artist Paula.Get a stunning illustrative raven bird tattoo by artist Paula for a unique and captivating design.Beautifully detailed flower and vine design by Paula, combining nature with artistry. Perfect for those who appreciate intricate tattoos.Capture the elegance of a heron in flight with this stunning illustrative tattoo by the talented artist, Paula.Get a unique and intricate lizard gekko tattoo designed by the talented artist Paula in illustrative style. Stand out with this stunning piece of body art.Get a stunning illustrative tattoo featuring a butterfly, flower, and rose by the talented artist, Paula. Embrace the beauty of nature in body art.Elegant black and gray tattoo of a majestic heron, intricately designed by the talented artist Paula.