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Thermal Ink Tattoo

Next month


Started her career at 7 in the elementary school with Award winning painting called "Me and Snowman" competed with 20 other class mates lol, Traveled a lot worked at many different industry such as financial, hospitality, journalism etc...Settled in Tattoo business since 2016. Love Line-work, Black-work want to explore Japanese style or whatever come in my mind !



Japanese (Irezumi)
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Geometric butterfly Fine line Rose a leg sleeve with spiral hexagon color splash Sacred Mandala with morse code Sacred Mandala An eye with aux.... the key and the hexagon. Realism mixed with sacred geometry work is what I am really passionate about. Thanks xiong ! NZ trip memorial tattoo. Trash polka style. Always welcome for crazy idea :) thanks Zoe Nature piece done for Dheena. He set down as calm as lake ! Thanks ! Wanna do more of this Style !!! The Fan of Architect! Hit me up for fine line Mandala ! Thanks :) Mandala with Geometric background. Hit me up for a geometric big piece !! Mandala geometric background Romantic numeral for family birthday !
Fine line poisonous flowers Color MandalaFine line....Geometric patterns Sacred Mandala collaboration ! Mandala and Geometric around the realism work of my friend Dots and lines !!! Mandala Mandala ! Wanna do more line and dot work DM me for pricing :) thanks ! Acuariou tattoo 3round liner tattoo. Send me a DM for custom design piece. YAY Line color work the white and dark hands holding themselves together hit me up for vintage color work :) Portuguese tile art called Ajulejos for Anna hit me up for delicate line work Line colorwork hit me up !! Ajulejos ! For Anna