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Brennnessel Tattoo

Next week


Hey hey 👋 My name Silber. I’m 25 and I’m your tattoo artist 🌝 I’m originally from Ukraine but now work and live in Berlin. I have been tattooing for over a year. Can't wait to meet you during our session!


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Elegantly designed blackwork pattern tattoo for your forearm, by the talented artist Silber/Sofie. Stand out with this unique and stylish piece!Elegant dotwork pattern design on upper arm by talented artist Silber/Sofie. Perfect for those seeking unique and stylish body art.Elegant illustrative tattoo of a cloud by the talented artist Silber/Sofie, perfect for your upper arm. Embrace the beauty of minimalistic design.Get a stunning watercolor pattern tattoo on your forearm by Silber/Sofie. An illustrative design that stands out.Fine line illustrative tattoo on lower leg featuring clouds, skateboard, and quote by Silber/Sofie. Unique and artistic design.Illustrative tattoo on lower leg by Silber/Sofie, featuring a delicate star and heart motif.Elegant and intricate pattern designed by Silber/Sofie for a unique upper arm tattoo.Express your colorful personality with this illustrative upper arm tattoo by Silber/Sofie. Featuring a stunning rainbow motif in a unique pattern design.Elegant fine line heart design on forearm by skilled artists Silber/Sofie. A symbol of love and passion.Beautiful illustrative tattoo by Silber/Sofie featuring intricate patterns and numbers on the arm.
Beautifully designed flower tattoo on the upper arm by talented artist Silber/SofieExperience a burst of color with this illustrative rainbow tattoo by Silber/Sofie. Perfect for showcasing your love for vibrant hues.Elegant illustrative star motif tattoo on arm by Silber/Sofie. A stellar addition to your body art collection.Get a beautifully illustrated quote tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist duo Silber/Sofie. Perfect for those looking for a delicate and meaningful design.Experience the magic of a colorful rainbow tattoo on your upper leg by the talented Silber/Sofie. Stand out with this illustrative design.A beautiful upper arm tattoo featuring a detailed illustrative design of a flower and heart, created by the talented artists Silber and Sofie.A vibrant and intricate rainbow pattern adorning the ear, expertly executed in a whimsical watercolor style by the talented artist Silber/Sofie.Elegant and delicate cat tattoo by Silber/Sofie, perfect for rib placements. Showcase your feline love with style.Experience the beauty of watercolor and intricate patterns with this stunning upper arm tattoo by Silber/Sofie. A true work of art!Get a beautiful butterfly tattoo done in the illustrative style by Silber/Sofie on your upper arm. Experience fine line art at its best!