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Leo Quintao

Flame Wise Ink | Toronto Tattoo Studio

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Working in the Japanese Traditional style, Leo designs vibrant, bold projects. His talent ranges from large-scale sleeve work to his unique traditional flash.


About the Artist

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Experience the intricate beauty of Leo Quintao's illustrative style with this stunning upper leg tattoo featuring a fierce snake and delicate chrysanthemum flower motif.Unique chest piece featuring a powerful dragon, beautiful flower, hannya mask, meaningful quote in kanji, expertly done by Leo Quintao.Experience the haunting beauty of a Japanese hannya mask tattooed on your chest in a illustrative style by the talented Leo Quintao.Experience the beauty of traditional Japanese art with this illustrative flower tattoo on your arm by the talented Leo Quintao.Get a stunning illustrative tattoo of a sun and skull on your upper back by the talented artist Leo Quintao. Express your unique style with this intricate design.Check out this stunning illustrative tattoo of a spider done by Leo Quintao on the upper leg. Perfect for those who love unique and bold designs.Experience the power and beauty of a Japanese dragon in this detailed illustrative tattoo on the upper leg by Leo Quintao.Experience the beauty of nature with this illustrative cherry blossom tattoo by Leo Quintao. Perfect for chest placement.Illustrative design by Leo Quintao featuring a haunting ghost and blood accents on the upper leg.Enjoy a stunning blackwork snake tattoo on your forearm by the talented Leo Quintao. Make a bold statement with this intricate design.Beautiful illustrative sleeve tattoo featuring cherry blossom flowers, by Leo Quintao.Vibrant cherry blossom and heart design by artist Leo Quintao, perfect for the forearm.
Get a stunning traditional eagle tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist, Leo Quintao. This illustrative design will surely stand out!Experience the power and grace of a majestic tiger in this bold and vibrant illustrative forearm tattoo by Leo Quintao.Get a stunning illustrative dragon tattoo on your upper back by the talented artist Leo Quintao. Perfect blend of fine lines and intricate details.Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Japanese art with this stunning back piece featuring a majestic dragon, delicate flowers, kanji characters, and a meaningful quote. By talented artist Leo Quintao.Vivid and illustrative design of a dog, flower, and foo dog by talented artist Leo Quintao. A stunning piece of Japanese-inspired artwork.Illustrative tattoo of a frog and heart by Leo Quintao, perfectly placed on the forearm.Experience Leo Quintao's illustrative style with this stunning Japanese horse design on your shin.Dark and detailed blackwork skull and scythe design by Leo Quintao.A bold and intricate blackwork scorpion tattoo on the upper arm, expertly crafted by the talented artist Leo Quintao.This illustrative Japanese tiger tattoo by Leo Quintao is a fierce and stylish addition to your lower leg. Let your wild side roar!Capture the power and grace of a Japanese dragon with this fine line illustrative tattoo by Leo Quintao on your upper arm.Vibrant lower leg tattoo by artist Leo Quintao, featuring a beautiful illustrative traditional style flower design.
LQLeo Quintao
Leo Quintao