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tattoos by raven

RWRaven Wynd
Raven Wynd
A bit of native american feel to this- Ornamental tattoo in progress.Butterfly. Almost traditional- almost inspired by the more ornamemtal style.Spencer came in today for a couple more hours of shading. Most people wait until it heals, but not Spencer. There's a good chance you'll see him again next week. By career, he is an E.M.T.I would preferred to live in a world where cute little six-year-old kids don't get cancer. Grandpa has been wearing the silicone bracelet for the last three years. It keeps slipping around- he decided it needed to be in ink. Every time we got to a sensitive area, he would say Nattaly has to sit through much more than this- I can do this.Bear- and woods. Jim and i added this to his collection.
Building on a "spot" tattoo- into something bigger.Elephant and mandalla in progressMandalla- in the ditch if the arm. She healed this amazing. Its a tough spot.Koi dragon 1/2 sleeve in progress. Legend has it that Koy at the end of their life return of the Dragon gate. If they are able to cross over the dragon gate they turn into a dragon-if not they float downstream and dieThis beautiful lady. On a whim she went to visit her daughter who was living in Alaska. Her daughter asked that grandma watch the kids while she went to the doctor-she hadn't been feeling well and wanted to get checked out. and that's when she found out she had cancer. The family rallied together- traveling across the country- clear to Houstin Texas to fight this horrible disease. Grandma took a year out of her life to help with the kids-be a mom... This job reminds me all the time to appreciate who and what you have while you have it. My client was able to stay with her daughter through the fight which took a year. Daughter is doing fine. This phrase "be alive!" has become kind of a catch phrase for people in the family. It's safe to say a tattoo is out of character for this lady, but life is short-Leg sleeve in progress on Rollo. We are both fans of the 60s and 70s artwork. Lots of little meanings on this one.