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RPRay Petty

Ray Petty

Cosmic Primate Tattoo

Next month


I like to express my passion for tattooing through thoughtfully composed illustrative images that fit and flow across the form in a way that other mediums don’t allow.



Black & Gray
New School
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Life, death, and decay. We used an iridescent snake to create an internally lit scene. 🍄Fungus Sloth🦥 I love using the iridescent fungus as an internal light source for these pieces. Custom back piece using true greybaaturation instead of grey wash.
Biomech Queen sleeve in progress. This is my favorite style and subject matter to work with. 🍄Fungus Fox🦊So much fun playing with these bold, saturated colors. One if my favorite pieces from this year! Zombie scientist! Zombies are one of my favorite subjects to tattoo sonhit me uo with any undead projects you have in mind.
RPRay Petty
Ray Petty