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Tattooing since 2001.

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In progress Link and Navi- part of Legend of Zelda sleeveOuija planchettePoison Apple from Snow WhiteTree of The Dead from Sleepy Hollow. 9 of swords detail. Work in progressTom Cruise as The Vampire Lestat. Elephant. Would have liked to add more ornamental elements to frame, but I still enjoyed this one.Healed up sigil of Lucifer and scythe. To bring enlightenment to the mind is to bring air to the lungs of a drowning man. Death is repayment for all you've borrowed, or taken.Keds shoe and jellybeans. Client wanted something totally different, but after she told me about the person she got this for, we decided that red keds and jellybeans were the way to go.Jeepers Creepers inspired stippled rose
9 of swords. Lines healed, background fresh9 of swords tarotPraying MantisDetail of larger pieceSkull detail.Tooth'See me. See me now." Work in progressBlack was all healed. Got a chance to experiment and play a bit, after earning clients trust. She wanted a little dragon thing and Pisces stuff, but this is where it went. She was stoked.Healed up LustMost of this was healed. Client gave me complete free reign. I had read The Butchering Art (Victorian era surgery) at the time, so that helped influence this piece.Healed siamese twin skull, lines were healed for approx 2 years, stippling and color about a month old.