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Rose Daniel

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Hello there! I'm Rose, delighted you've stopped by my little corner of the web. My expertise lies in fine line black and grey tattoos. I love tattooing subjects inspired by fine art, nerdy themes, and nerdy weaponry. However, I also have a soft spot for creating delicate designs ⚜️🗡️✨


Hour rate:60 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
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Shards of Narsil from Lord of the Rings, wrapped with ivy Custom text The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes VermeerIllustrative anime tattoo by Rose Daniel featuring cyberpunk elements from Ghost in the Shell.Custom heart and Turkish sword Section from Virgin and Child with Angels by Bartolomeo CavarozziReligious shield from medieval painting. Custom chrome heart cherries Legolas’ bow from Lord of the Rings Embrace your inner warrior with this illustrative tattoo featuring a viking sword and powerful runes, expertly inked by the talented Rose Daniel.Custom panther Custom dying deer.
Piece originally by Spit Blossoms, tattoo ticket was used. Custom matching brooches Custom Celtic well The End text inspired by the movie Pearl Saw Spear from Bloodborne Custom chandelier Dancing woman from antique inky painting. Love And Psyché by William Bouguereau Destiny is All script from The Last Kingdom Saw spear from Dark Souls 3 Custom horse head Custom cherries
RDRose Daniel
Rose Daniel